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About V.Sachar MD Safe Makeup in Pregnancy

When asked by his daughter, “Can I use mommy’s makeup?”  Dr. Sachar said “No, because there are harmful chemicals in it”.  This question led to the start of a movement: safe, non-toxic makeup for pregnancy and his daughter.  

Babies are born with over 200+ toxins in their blood. Pesticides, air pollution, and cosmetics can contain harmful chemicals which get absorbed by the mother and then transferred to the baby. Parabens, pthalates, preservatives, lead... these and other harmful substances can be toxic to the mother and the baby. Some of these toxins are associated with adult diseases such as infertility, breast cancer, obesity, prostate cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome among others.

We want to give pregnant women and all women a safe alternative for their cosmetic needs. At V Sachar MD, we are committed to providing a non-toxic safe cosmetics that are safe in pregnancy.

Dr.  V Sachar is on the cutting edge of his field and among the few physicians who have completed the rigorous training to achieve Board Certification in both Obstetrics & Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine  (High Risk Pregnancy). He completed his training at the prestigious University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine. His practice is in Southern California. He is married with 5 children.

Why is this important?

Anything applied to your skin is absorbed almost immediately: makeup, cream, sunscreen etc. Some makeup can contain substances that can accumulate over time and can be associated with obesity, polycystic ovaries, breast cancer, acne.. During pregnancy exposure of the baby to these substances can also lead to disease later in the babies’ life.

In 2004, and 2009, two different studies from the Environmental Working Group examined newborn’s blood, and found over 200+ toxins in newborn’s blood!  Some of these toxins were pesticides, Bisphenol A, mercury, some are known to cause cancer, and some are known to be neurotoxic.  The babies were exposed in utero to these chemicals directly from the mother’s exposure.

Some of these toxins can have an immediate effect, such as low birth weight. But some cause problems later in the child's life.  There is a phenomenon called bioaccumulation,  where small amounts of toxin are absorbed, but as the baby grows, these small amounts build up and become toxic to the child.

Dr Sachar is a high risk pregnancy specialist that created his brand of cosmetics as a safe alternative for women during pregnancy and anytime in their life. He also knows his daughter can use this makeup safely.

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