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Our lipsticks are made with meticulous attention to our ingredients. Small amounts of lipstick may  be ingested from eating and drinking. Our lipsticks are non-toxic, and safe in pregnancy. We carefully selected natural ingredients that look good, and are good for you.

The FDA recently investigated complaints of lead in lipsticks, and issued a detailed report of lead content in commercial lipsticks ( Lead readily crosses the placenta and has been detected in the fetal brain as early as the end of the first trimester.Elevated lead levels in pregnancy have been associated with several adverse fetal outcomes, including spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, and impaired neurodevelopment. The lead in lipsticks may come from the commerical dyes used, and because it is applied to your lips, there is always a small amount that is absorbed and/or ingested. These are levels build up over time and may pose a risk associated with bioaccumulation.